Kaiser HMO Plan

The Kaiser HMO medical plan offers generous coverage through in-network providers to employees living in Northern California, Southern California, and Portland:

  • Kaiser North CA HMO Plan
  • Kaiser South CA HMO Plan
  • Kaiser Portland HMO Plan

For most eligible care, plan members only pay applicable copays when receiving eligible in-network medical care and do not have to meet an annual deductible or pay coinsurance before the plan begins paying its share of the cost. However, plan members pay high monthly medical plan premiums and there is no coverage for out of network medical care.

These plans provide a low out-of-pocket maximum without a deductible in exchange for high paycheck contributions and competitive in-network coverage for employees with substantial annual medical expenses.

Go to www.kp.org or call 503-813-2000 or 1-800-813-2000 to find an in-network medical provider.