Get healthy one step at a time

Air Liquide offers a wide range of wellness programs to help you establish good habits for a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Elements Wellness Program 

Chief among Air Liquide’s many programs and services to help you get well and stay well is our wellness program. The cornerstone of Healthy Elements is the completion of a biometric screening and online health assessment for which you earn a financial incentive. These activities are incentivized because they’re designed to help you evaluate and understand your health risks, so you can make healthy choices and proactively obtain the care you need.

Be Sure to Get Your Healthy Elements Wellness Incentive

Earn your wellness incentive by completing your online health assessment and biometric screening. You can also participate in wellness challenges to earn Above and Beyond points. Visit the Air Liquide Healthy Elements Wellness Portal at www.assethealth.com/airliquide for information on wellness challenges, scheduling your biometric screening and taking the online health assessment.