Key Contacts

Contact Website Phone Availability If you need to…
Air Liquide Health Benefits Center 1-800-964-8826 Mon-Fri
7AM-7PM (CT)
●      Enroll
●      Add or drop a dependent
●      Report a life event
●      Change or designate a beneficiary
●      Find detailed overviews of your benefits and SPDs
●      Get help with claim issues or issues related to accessing care
●      Find out if you are eligible for retiree medical benefits
Above and Beyond
N/A N/A ●      Recognize colleagues for demonstrating behaviors that support Air Liquide’s core values
●      Redeem award points for personal items
Active & Fit Direct 1-844-646-2746 Mon-Fri
7AM-8PM (CT)
●      Get a fitness center membership for $25 a month
●      Access to 9,000+ fitness centers
●      $75 to start; $25 enrollment fee, $25 first month’s membership and $25 last month’s membership
●      No contract required
Aetna 1-866-449-6495 Mon-Fri
8AM-6PM (CT)
●      Speak with an Aetna Concierge
●      Find a physician or healthcare facility in the Aetna network
●      File a claim or check a claim status
●      Request a new ID card or print a temporary card
●      See a summary of covered health services
●      Aetna Custom Care Management Unit
Aetna Resources for Living (EAP)

Air Liquide
Password: eap

1-888-238-6232 24/7 ●      Find work/life resources
●      Access confidential counseling and services
●      Access interactive tools and educational resources to help with life’s changes and challenges
Air Liquide Advocacy Team

Health Pro for AL: Sydney McDonald

1-800-513-1667, ext. 2905 Mon-Fri
7AM-6PM (CT)
●      Address non-eligibility access to care and claims issues that you have been unable to resolve
●      Resolve claim related issues with health providers
●      Initiate corrective and/or proactive action as appropriate to resolve or avoid health related issues
Air Liquide Pension Services (ALPS) 1-877-465-2577 Mon-Fri
8AM-6PM (CT)
●      Access personal pension data
●      Model pension benefits
●      Use retirement planning tools
●      Designate or change your pension beneficiary
Axiom 1-877-502-9466 24/7 ●      Report first aid treatment (reported by Employee, Manager or HSES Representative)
●      Seek first aid advice for a work-related incident
Best Doctors 1-866-904-0910 Mon-Fri
7AM-8PM (CT)
●      Be sure about a medical decision
●      Get a free second medical opinion
Cigna Dental 1-800-244-6224 24/7 ●      Find a PPO network dentist
●      File a claim or check a claim status
●      Request a new ID card
●      Print a temporary ID card
●      See a summary of covered health services
Common Bond 1-800-975-7812 Mon-Fri
8AM-5PM (CT)
●      Manage your student loans by refinancing or smarter student loans for your education or your child’s undergraduate or graduate education
CVS Caremark 1-866-341-8530 N/A ●      Find a network retail pharmacy or a CVS mail order pharmacy
●      Order and manage prescriptions & check drug coverage
●      Manage prescription costs and access savings tools
Gallagher Bassett 1-800-227-7391 N/A ●      File a workers’ compensation claim when a work-related injury requires medical treatment
●      Reported by either the manager or the HSES representative
Healthy Elements Wellness Program 1-855-444-1255 Mon-Fri
7AM-7PM (CT)
●      Inquire about wellness incentives
●      Download wellness incentive form
●      Participate in online health assessment
●      Inquire about wellness challenges
●      Participate in health coaching
●      Learn more about the Smoking Cessation program
International S.O.S. United States:
24/7 ●      Access medical and travel security information
●      Obtain pre-travel advice to prepare for a safe and healthy trip
●      Arrange for emergency assistance abroad
Medicare Social Security Assistance 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227) 24/7 ●      Learn about Medicare
●      Apply for Medicare
●      Start, finish or check the status of an application
●      Manage your Medicare benefits
MetLife Legal Plans 1-800-821-6400 Mon-Fri
7AM-6PM (CT)
●      Prepare or update a will, living will or powers of attorney
MetLife — AD&D 1-800-638-6420 N/A ●      Contact customer service for AD&D claims
MetLife —Home & Auto 1-800-438-6388 Mon-Thurs
7AM-9PM (CT)Fri
7AM-8PM (CT)Sat
8AM-3:30PM (CT)
●      Purchase auto and home insurance at group discounted rates
●      Purchase personal excess liability, boat, condo, motorhome, recreational vehicle, or renter’s insurance
MetLife — Leave of Absence 1-877-638-8262 Mon-Sun
7AM-10PM (CT)
●      File a Short-Term or Long-Term Disability claim
●      File a Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) claim
MetLife — Transitions Solutions 1-877-275-6387 Mon-Fri
8AM-5PM (CT)
●      Continue your life coverage benefits after ending employment with Air Liquide
MetLife — Travel Assistance

Login: axa
Password: travelassist

1-800-454-3679 24/7 ●      Access medical, legal, transportation and financial assistance when you are more than 100 miles away from home
●      Make flight, hotel and dining reservations as well as business-related services when you are more than 100 miles away from home
NurseLine 1-800-556-1555 24/7 ●      Chat with a nurse
●      Understand treatment options
●      Ask medication questions
●      Choose appropriate medical care
●      Get help preparing for a doctor’s visit
PayFlex 1-888-678-8242 Mon-Fri
8AM-6PM (CT)
●      Request to close an HSA opened in error
●      Request for the return of excess contributions
●      Determine your health care spending account contributions and potential increase in savings
Perks at Work N/A N/A ●      Access discounts to different services and resources
1-212-888-3124 Mon-Fri
8AM-8PM (CT)
●      Family building support for infertility
●      Innovative, all-inclusive benefit includes personalized, concierge style support, customer digital tools, and access to largest network of reproductive endocrinologists
Social Security Disability 1-800-374-9950, ext. 390 Mon-Fri
8AM-4PM (CT)
●      Learn about what Social Security Disability is, how you can qualify and how much you can earn
●      Apply for Social Security Disability
Superior Vision (National Plan) 1-800-507-3800 Mon-Fri
7AM-8PM (CT)Sat
10AM-3:30PM (CT)
●      Find a national network vision plan provider
●      File a vision care claim
T. Rowe Price 1-800-922-9945 Mon-Fri
6AM-9PM (CT)
●      See your 401(k) balance
●      Change contribution amount/investment selections
●      Access investment guidance provided by Morningstar
●      Designate or change your 401(k) beneficiary
Teladoc 1-855-TELADOC (835-2362) 24/7 ●      Connect with a licenses doctor, dermatologist or therapist
●      Access quality healthcare from your home or while traveling
●      Get a prescription sent to your local pharmacy when medically necessary
Torchlight N/A N/A ●      Access expert guidance, tools and step-by-step action plans if you are caring for children, children with special needs or aging relatives
Your Spending Account (YSA) 1-800-964-8826 Mon-Fri
7AM-7PM (CT)
●      Check the balance of your FSA card
●      Check on claim status


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