Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

mom and newborn

The FMLA provides certain employees with up to twelve weeks of unpaid, job‑protected leave per year. It also requires that your group health benefits remain active during leave. All requests for leaves of absence under the FMLA should be reported to Air Liquide’s FMLA administrator, MetLife®. For a complete description of which absences are covered under the FMLA, contact MetLife® or the Air Liquide Health Benefits Center.


Learn more. Contact MetLife® by phone at 1-877-638-8262 or online at You may also contact Air Liquide Health Benefits Center at 1-800-964-8826 or online at do I contact if I have questions or need to report an absence? Contact MetLife® or the Air Liquide Health Benefits Center.

Maternity and Pregnancy Services

Are you expecting a new baby? Benefits for pregnancy include all maternity-related medical services for prenatal care, postnatal care, delivery and any related complications. Click here for more information about maternity programs and services available to you and  your newborn that are covered under your medical plan.