International Travel

International SOS

Help When Travelling Abroad

International travel to locations — even familiar ones — can pose some challenges that you normally don’t encounter when traveling domestically.

I lost my passport. What should I do?

I need to see a dentist in Mexico. Can you give me a contact?

Do I need to take vaccines before traveling to Nigeria?

Is it dangerous at night in the city of Port Harcourt?

International SOS is the leading international health care, medical and security assistance, and concierge services company offering:

  • Online medical and security advice
  • Proactive medical and security e-mail alerts
  • Medical professionals and experienced security specialists in over 90 languages and dialects via telephonic access
  • Credentialed network of medical and security providers
  • Guarantee of intervention in case of medical and security emergency

If you find yourself in need of their services, call International SOS:

  • U.S.: +1-215-942-8226
  • Paris: +33-0-155-633-155
  • Singapore: +65-6338-7800