Safety at Air Liquide

Safety at Air Liquide

Safety is our top priority. At Air Liquide we’ve built a culture that promotes safety and responsibility — an environment where each employee is responsible for his/her own safety and the safety of coworkers. We care about the health and well-being of our employees. That’s why we are constantly striving to improve our systems and processes. As always, we will continue to implement preventive actions and carefully analyze risks to ensure our workplace and products are safe.

Why create a culture of safety at Air Liquide?

Developing a strong culture of safety at Air Liquide will have the single greatest effect on ensuring that all of our employees have a safe place to work. In our industry, many employees regularly work with potentially hazardous materials or in high-pressure situations. We provide safety meetings and regular safety communications to make sure everyone is on board with our safety program and that they know what to do when a risk is identified or an accident occurs.

What does a culture of safety mean? And what does it look like?

A culture of safety is a shared value and belief among all employees that the primary goal is ensuring that everyone has a safe place to work and returns home safely every day.  Our mission is to manage our business in a way that ensures the safety, quality and reliability of our products and services. To achieve our goal, everyone must be focused on accident prevention and risk management. It’s a part of our daily jobs.

When accidents take place at Air Liquide we respond quickly and efficiently to minimize the impact on employees, our customers and the community. We also diligently review the circumstances and look for ways to avoid similar accidents in the future. To help ensure a safe workplace, we strongly encourage everyone to regularly attend safety meetings and to follow the guidelines we’ve established to prevent accidents and reduce the risk of an accident occurring at our facilities. Unfortunately accidents can still happen, so when they do we need to be alert, respond quickly and control the situation until help arrives.