Busted! 3 myths about burning calories

You may have heard lately about miraculous ways to boost your metabolism. And lose weight, too. But researchers say that may be more myth than matter of fact.

Instead of searching for a miracle cure, you should focus on eating healthy foods, especially fruits and vegetables. And getting plenty of exercise.

Myth #1: Eat and drink more so called “miracle foods.”
Reality: Eat healthy foods and exercise.

While eating red hot chili peppers and drinking green tea may give you a small energy boost, experts say these foods are not enough to drastically reduce weight. Instead, they advise: Eat the right foods and exercise.

Myth #2: Your workout ends but you keep burning those calories.
You burn calories during the workout. And the more you exercise, the more you burn.

The truth is, you may burn a few more right after the workout. But then your metabolism goes right back to its resting rate.

Myth #3: Sleep burns up the calories.
You DO burn some calories during sleep. But not enough to consider sleep a major fat burner.

Sleep is good for your health in many ways. And lack of a good night’s sleep may lead you to eat more.

For more myths, visit the National Institutes of Health Medline Plus site. And here are some tips on losing weight, healthy eating and exercise.