5 things to take to your doctor’s appointment

Whether it’s a day at the beach or a hike in the woods, you take along the essentials. Like sunscreen and a bottle of water.

Heading to a doctor’s appointment isn’t as much fun. But it’s just as important to take certain things.

So what should go with you?

1. Your ID card. Or a digital version of it. It gives the staff information they need to know about your health insurance.

2. Lab and other test results. Even if your doctor’s the one who ordered the tests, having a copy of the results can’t hurt.

3. A list of your medications. Don’t forget the vitamins, supplements and over-the-counter drugs you take.

4. A record of your symptoms. Having steady pain? Keep a log of how long you’ve felt it. And whether it’s more severe when you’re active or resting. Did your doctor ask you to monitor your blood pressure at home? Make sure you bring those results.

5. A list of questions for your doctor. Jot them all down ahead of time.