Air Liquide & Airgas 401(k) Plan

Your 401(k)The American Air Liquide Holdings, Inc., Air Liquide & Airgas 401(k) Plan is available to a pre-selected group of associates who meet specific employment criteria.

Maximum annual contribution: $18,500 for 2018 ($24,500 if age 50 or older)

Key features:

  • Allows you to contribute 1% to 75% of your eligible salary before taxes
  • The Company matches 50% on the first 5% of contributions you make to your account
  • An additional 1.5% goes into the Supplemental Savings Plan, a non-qualified plan
  • If a participant’s compensation exceeds the IRS compensation limit ($275,000 in 2018) the full 5% match will be deposited into the Supplemental Savings Plan. This only applies to compensation earned once compensation limit is exceeded.
  • Your contributions are deducted from your paycheck without taxes being taken out
  • A Roth option is also available which allows you to put money into your plan after tax. When you retire, you can receive money from the plan with no additional taxes deducted

Certain participants whose pension benefits were frozen will also receive pension transition contributions to this or another plan.

Questions about your plan? Visit or call T. Rowe Price at 1-800-922-9945.