Get more engaged in your healthcare decisions

This is the year to get smarter about your health care

Your wallet will thank you

Doing a little homework before you access care can raise the quality of your experience — and may even save you money. WellMatch® makes it easy. For example, if you need an x-ray and the only difference between two options is the cost, would you choose the $20 x-ray or the $250 x-ray?

That’s the kind of info WellMatch gives you about your health care costs. You’ll have everything you need to make informed choices about your health care — all in one place:

  • Personalized cost estimates for procedures based on your Aetna medical plan
  • Ratings and reviews to help you choose the right doctor for you
  • Real-time benefits tracking so you can manage your health care spending simply and easily

Register or sign in to WellMatch and find out how easy it is to shop for care. It’s free, easy to use — and you may even save some money.

WellMatch will completely change the way you shop for care.


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